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Sessions Manager

The StudioWorks Sessions Manager window is similar to the Omnis SQL Browser Session Manager.

The problem I have had with the Omnis Session Manager is that you have to know what the database needs in order to know which fields to fill in and which fields to leave empty. For example if you are creating a session for the Omnis datafile you need to enter the Omnis data file path in the Host Name field and leave the Database, User Name, Password, and Initialization field empty. However, if you are creating a session for FrontBase you need to enter the hostname/databasename in the Host Name field, leave the Database field empty, and fill in the User Name and Password fields.

The StudioWorks Session Manager tries to help the developer and end user with creating and modifying sessions by:

  1. Hiding the non-applicable entry fields based on the select DAM.
  2. Consistently having you enter the host name in the Host Name field and the database name in the Database Name field. StudioWorks take care of correctly formating the hostname/databasename when it logs on to the database.
  3. Providing a set of session templates for the various DAMs. The template entry fields contain hints where applicable. By clicking the New Copy button you can copy any of the templates and then modify the copy.
  4. Providing a Test Session toolbar button to let you immediately test your session settings.

The StudioWorks Session Manager prepares a session row which is defined using the schema class sSessions_listdef. The list definition includes additional columns which are useful to the StudioWorks framework.

  1. logonhostname - The hostname/databasename formatted correctly for logging on to the database.
  2. superusername, superuserpassword, tablesownername, tablesownerpassword - These column values are needed by the StudioWorks database administration objects.
  3. tablesownerlogon - Indicates whether StudioWorks is to logon as the tables owner or as a database user. StudioWorks defaults to TRUE.
The StudioWorks Session Manager is string table sensitive so it can be used in other languages by simply adding a string table columns for other languages.